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The mere thought of how big the universe is and how small I am to make any significant impact on this earth often leaves me feeling overwhelmed. But  serving as a Saved Commune volunteer  at Gentle Hands Orphanage made me realize that I need not to be a superwoman to change the world.

God commanded us to look after orphans and widows. I’ve always held this truth in my heart. But I’ve never believed it to be as real as it is until, for the first time, I literally spent time with orphans. It burdens me on how I can live comfortably while there are 85 fatherless kids under the roof of that humble orphanage. But those kids don’t need my pity. Instead, they need love, care, and people who will believe that they are destined for greater things. And I am truly grateful to God for the privilege to…

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TOUCH THE SKY by Hillsong United

“What treasure waits within Your scars
This gift of freedom gold can’t buy
I bought the world and sold my heart
You traded heaven to have me again”

The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it. It’s been over a week and I still can’t get this song outside my head. It’s a very relaxing track to tune into. And the lyrics? Definitely heartwarming. Touch the sky is a very humbling song. It reminds me how unworthy I am of God’s love and mercy, and of how great His grace is to a sinner like me. It is in Christ and Christ alone that I found freedom. It is when I fall on my knees that I touch the sky. For where I am nothing, God is everything.

“God said, ‘No, it doesn’t matter who you are,’ and because of that, we don’t have to try and elevate ourselves in order to find God. We find God from a position of surrender.” -Ptr. Houston (Hillsong Church)



Listening “How Great You Are” by Shannon Wexelberg puts my heart in a posture of humility, as if thousands of images portraying the goodness and faithfulness of God are flashing before me. It is an old song, but its lyrics always come afresh.

Great kings delight to rule over great people. They want to be surrounded by good advisers and obedient subjects. But God, being the greatest and highest of all, King of kings and Lord of lords, finds His greatest delight in reigning over us, faithless, disobedient and very unruly people. How do you explain that? He gets nothing in return, as there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can give and do to add to His lordship. It is a great mystery to me WHY ON EARTH WOULD A GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD CHOOSE TO REIGN OVER FOOLISH AND WRETCHED PEOPLE LIKE US…LIKE YOU…LIKE ME…

The only rightful response before this gracious and merciful God is to worship Him as He deserves; to acknowledge His sovereignty and majesty. Listening to this old track renews my faith and perspective of the God I worship. He is so powerful, yet so humble; so high, yet never distant. It is my prayer that my heart would grow to yearn for more of Him and that my soul will not find its rest until I come face to face with my Savior. And when that time comes, at His feet  will I bow and sing and proclaim, “HOW GREAT YOU ARE!”

“You are deserving of all the praises, Lord

My heart is yearning to be in Your presence once more

Deep inside my heart is burning, I want to give you more

And You’re the only one that I adore






Hark the Herald is one of my favorite Christmas tracks. And I like Paul Baloche’s take on it because it’s simple and close to the original. Not overly done, in short. And I also enjoy singing the chorus he made, which sings:

“King of Heaven come down, King of Heaven come down. Let Your glory reign shining like the day. King of heaven come. King of heaven rise up, who can stand against us You are strong to save with Your mighty name. King of heaven come.”

Angels we have heard on high was also GREAT! It had such a beautiful arrangement that makes me want to dance in praise. I can imagine singing with the angels while shouting “In excelsis deo!” What an amazing night it was indeed, the night our Saviour was born in the humble town of Bethlehem. And how pleasant it is to the soul when we recall the nativity by singing about it. 

If you can spare some of your precious time, you might as well check out the entire album entitled “Christmas Worship” by Paul Baloche. Join him sing classic Christmas tunes that tell of the great story of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.


A love that will not let me go, my soul will rest in you alone.
I give you back this life I owe, to know you Jesus more and more.

I was reading Jarrid Wilson’s blog post entitled “YOUR SCARS ARE PROOF THAT GOD HEALS” while listening to Elevation Worship’s Wake Up The Wonder album. Suddenly, an inexplicable feeling of joy and gratefulness flooded my heart, as if someone whispered to me “Child, just so you know, I love you.”

The simple yet very profound truth about God’s grace still amazes me up until this very moment. Of why He loves me still in spite of my shortcomings. Of why He still cares about me even though I constantly turn my back from Him. Of how overwhelmingly patient He is despite the fact that I frustrate Him repeatedly. Never could I comprehend God’s love and mercy. Truly, His compassion knows no bound. His love goes beyond just feelings and transforms me from within. I would not be here today if not for His unfailing love.

I’d like to quote Jarrid Wilson on what he said about mistakes and weaknesses: “I’m not proud of my past, but I wear my scars on my sleeve because I am proud of who I’ve become in Christ. These scars remind me that I can conquer all things, and that healing is possible through God.” 

By His love I have been redeemed. And the only rightful response is for me to love God back. While I can never “outlove” Him, I simply give Him all the love I am capable of giving. It may not be much, not even close to the tip of His affections for me, but the little I have, I give it all to Him.

God, I just want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU. Thank you for never giving up on me, and for promising to walk with me all the days of my life. I know there would still be days when my love will somehow grow cold, but even then, I know that the warmth of your love will reach out to me. Thank you, God. I love You, Dad.

“Your patience was amazing waiting while my heart was wondering.
Your kindness is surprising as I stumble home you run to me.
I’m welcomed with rejoicing wrapped in the embrace of royalty
And now I’m overflowing, singing of the love I have received.”

BRUTAL ROMANTIC by Brooke Fraser #reinvented

After 4 looooong years, finally, Brooke Fraser is alive. And this time, she’s almost totally different. First off, it’s very evident with her hair color. From jet black, she’s gone blonde. She’s also matured a lot, and I mean that in a good way. Here is a woman who is ever-willing to learn and never runs out of ways to reinvent herself. And the change is undeniably noticeable in the album. Yes, the album.

Brutal Romantic is obviously out of the box. It’s not the typical brooke-fraser-is-a-nice-Christian-girl type of album. It’s far from Flags and Albertine. It’s nothing like Hillsong. No. There’s no direct mention of God or Jesus yet the songs are powerful and I can sense that they’re written out of something that’s deeper and bigger and even beyond the words themselves. The songs and the music videos somehow put me in a position where I’m forced to think and reflect and be silent even just for a while. At first I was, well, shocked, with this new Brooke and this album. For a moment I thought that she’s become an Illuminati or something. But according to her, this is just the output of her continuous desire to learn and to thrive on new paths, as if she’s beginning from scratch.

Of all 10 tracks, so far my favorite is Kings and Queens. The melody and the instruments somehow sound like a fusion of Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor and Empire of the Sun, as it has the mixture of electronic and alternative sort of thing. But aside from that, I like the lyrics. It has so many interpretations yet however you put it you can’t deny that it’s young. Being 21, I immediately related to it because it’s so true that I still have a long way to go. The Chorus says, “We’ve got a long to go but we got the energy. It took a little while to find reality. We’ve come a long way you know, living inside a dream.Waking to find that we are kings and queens.”

The tracks are definitely worth checking out. To give you a preview, here’s the album sampler:

FROM THE INSIDE OUT by For King & Country (New Version)

Do you feel like you’re a failure? This track is just right for you.

This is one of my favorite Christian songs that has never failed to capture my heart. It reminds me of God’s grace and mercy, and of how He still wants me by His side in spite of all my failures and shortcomings. The pre-chorus says, “My heart and my soul, I give You control. Consume me from the inside out,” which is the perfect response to the  goodness & faithfulness of the One whose light shines when all else fails and whose glory goes beyond all fame.



After its two successful years in 2011 and 2012 comes SAVED Festival 2014!

Joining this worshipful night are renown international bands, ISRAEL HOUGHTON & the NEW BREED and ESTERLYN, plus, Philippines’ very own VICTORY WORSHIP.

And more than music, Francis Chan will share the Word as well as excerpts from his works.

SAVED Festival 2014 will be on October 11, 7:30 p.n. at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Buy tickets by calling TicketNet at 911-5555 or through their website

Saved poster (22x28IN)2nd wave(b)


It’s a fight that we’re all gonna have to face
To live a life where we’re nothing apart from grace
Oh Jesus make our will Your very own
We feel the pull of wonder
We wonder everyday
We need Your love to lead us
To show us the way
We sing out, we seek Your face
Pour out Your grace
Everyday Your love is new
Everyday You make me new
We sing out, we sing Your praise
With healed hearts we say
Everyday Your love is new
Everyday You make me new
Forgive us forgive us
From where we have fallen
And fill us, fill us with Your presence
Renew a steadfast spirit Lord within us