NO TURNING BACK by Audrey Assad


No Turning Back

“I’m breathing to the beat of your heart and leaving the world behind, No turning back…”

This the first worship track I tuned into today. It made me ask myself, “what does it really mean for me to follow Christ without turning back?”

I follow God not because He’s one of many ways to live a meaningful life but because He is the only way to discover my purpose here and beyond. I follow Him not just for the perks of living a happy and blessed life but because He is the only one who will go through every single trial and go through all the pain with me. To Him belongs the only name by which all man can be saved and redeemed. For all that God has done, is doing, and promised to do, committing my life to Him is the least that I can do to say thank you.


When I say I follow Christ, it should be said and sung with such passion, to the point that my heart is racing in excitement to declare to the whole earth ,”Hey, follow me as I follow Christ!” To follow Christ with no turning back is to breathe to the beat of His heart and to leave the world behind; to die to myself, to my plans, hopes, dreams, and to my will, so that His Name will be lifted high.

This song vividly describes how we should follow God. We should stay behind, follow closely, and make up our minds that we have nothing to loose and have everything to find.

Thank God for this song.



Hail to Tennessee’s Christian Acoustic-folk duo, Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, a.k.a. “All Sons And Daughters.”  From their humble beginning as worship leaders at Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee, they now have released 3 albums under Integrity Music, with the latest released only May this year. Some of their most wanted hits are Brokenness Aside, Reason to Sing, and my favorite, Oh How I Need You.

These seasoned musicians play some absolutely mesmerizing acoustics accompanied by soulful vocals and creative & worshipful lyrics. They have very unique and distinct sound, personality, and identity.  Their songs are the kind that you can listen to anytime of the day and put you into worship right where you are.

As mentioned in their official website (, All Sons & Daughters will be going on a tour with the Crowder band this coming October.


HURRICANE by Samestate (Unplugged)

Samestate - Hurricane

I love the line in the song that says, “Cause all we did was nothing but the love still came.” Wow. Just wow. All we did was nothing. YET His love still came. And that love brought the Good News to all humanity.

Hurricane is a fresh reminder of God’s grace. We can never comprehend what grace really is and how it operates. All we can do is to accept it and to live by it.

“For all of us who have a hard time
Getting it through our brains,
That all we did was nothing
But the love still came,
And it’s bringing in Good News,
Love is comin back like a hurricane.”

This is the raw version of Samestate’s Hurricane. Feel free to check out the original version.


saltwater heart

I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. The first few guitar strums immediately caught me. And as the song progressed, the melody and the instruments just got better. All the tracks in Switchfoot’s “Fading West” album were great. But Saltwater Heart is my best pick. Whenever I listen to this track, I am reminded of the freedom that I have in Christ. Even though I’m tired, just listening to Saltwater Heart uplifts me from within and makes me feel that amazing liberty running through my veins. I can’t exactly explain why on earth I have cried listening to this upbeat song. Maybe it’s because it taps a certain longing from deep within my soul that I know only God can reach out to. And once again, I feel as if I’m diving into the vastness of God’s ocean of love, grace, and mercy.

“…We’re on your shore again
I can feel the ocean
I can feel your open arms
That pure emotion
I’m finally free again
By my own explosion
We’re on your shore again
I can feel the ocean…” (Chorus)