BRUTAL ROMANTIC by Brooke Fraser #reinvented

After 4 looooong years, finally, Brooke Fraser is alive. And this time, she’s almost totally different. First off, it’s very evident with her hair color. From jet black, she’s gone blonde. She’s also matured a lot, and I mean that in a good way. Here is a woman who is ever-willing to learn and never runs out of ways to reinvent herself. And the change is undeniably noticeable in the album. Yes, the album.

Brutal Romantic is obviously out of the box. It’s not the typical brooke-fraser-is-a-nice-Christian-girl type of album. It’s far from Flags and Albertine. It’s nothing like Hillsong. No. There’s no direct mention of God or Jesus yet the songs are powerful and I can sense that they’re written out of something that’s deeper and bigger and even beyond the words themselves. The songs and the music videos somehow put me in a position where I’m forced to think and reflect and be silent even just for a while. At first I was, well, shocked, with this new Brooke and this album. For a moment I thought that she’s become an Illuminati or something. But according to her, this is just the output of her continuous desire to learn and to thrive on new paths, as if she’s beginning from scratch.

Of all 10 tracks, so far my favorite is Kings and Queens. The melody and the instruments somehow sound like a fusion of Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor and Empire of the Sun, as it has the mixture of electronic and alternative sort of thing. But aside from that, I like the lyrics. It has so many interpretations yet however you put it you can’t deny that it’s young. Being 21, I immediately related to it because it’s so true that I still have a long way to go. The Chorus says, “We’ve got a long to go but we got the energy. It took a little while to find reality. We’ve come a long way you know, living inside a dream.Waking to find that we are kings and queens.”

The tracks are definitely worth checking out. To give you a preview, here’s the album sampler:


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