ella & the MESSIAH

The mere thought of how big the universe is and how small I am to make any significant impact on this earth often leaves me feeling overwhelmed. But  serving as a Saved Commune volunteer  at Gentle Hands Orphanage made me realize that I need not to be a superwoman to change the world.

God commanded us to look after orphans and widows. I’ve always held this truth in my heart. But I’ve never believed it to be as real as it is until, for the first time, I literally spent time with orphans. It burdens me on how I can live comfortably while there are 85 fatherless kids under the roof of that humble orphanage. But those kids don’t need my pity. Instead, they need love, care, and people who will believe that they are destined for greater things. And I am truly grateful to God for the privilege to…

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