THE WELL by Casting Crowns

“All who thirst will thirst no more
All who search will find what their songs long for
The world will try, but it can never fill
So leave it all behind; come to the well.”

Still have some sort of a hangover with the movie “Ring the Bell,” which featured Casting Crowns. This song was sung during the altar call (that the protagonist refused).

I love the message that this song conveys. It invites us to leave everything behind at the foot of God’s cross – our hurts, pains, feelings of rejection, frustrations, broken dreams, anxious hearts, etc. God knows we have junk, and He wants us to know that that’s what He came here for – to take them all and to make us new.

When God says, “leave it all behind,” He meas it. There’s no point coming to the well and leave it thirsty still. There’s nothing in this world that can satisfy, so let’s just once and for all come to the well. Just as we are, He will accept us. Just as we are, He will save us.